View and Download Alphasmart quick start manual online. Keyboard pdf manual download. Basic use instructions for an AlphaSmart are on the back of the unit for quick reference. available from AlphaSmart technical support – Press the On/Off key – first key at the top of the AlphaSmart keyboard. The first . The AlphaSmart can print directly to a large number of printers by using a printer cable. Visit Support Section to see a list of currently .

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This guide is for AlphaSmart users who want to update their devices to System 3. Alphasmaet 3 delivers better performance and extended capabilities to give manjal added flexibility. Beamer uses infrared technology to let you share files with other devices, without the use of cables or wires.

Also included is the AlphaSmart System 3 Addendum. Topics described in manuao guide: Therefore, the most important thing you need to do before updating is retrieve any data you want to keep. You can retrieve data using these methods: If your AlphaSmart uses system software prior to version 1. See page 9 for information on how to check the system version number on your AlphaSmart and page 10 for instructions on how to update an older device to version 1.

If you do own SmartApplets that you purchased previously, and you want them installed on your AlphaSmart s, you need to do some preparation before beginning the AlphaSmart Manager 2 installation: If they do, you can begin installing AlphaSmart Manager 2 page 3. You can now begin installing AlphaSmart Manager 2 page 3. To install AlphaSmart Manager on a Macintosh: Double-click the icon to open a window displaying manuual contents of the CD. Double-click the AlphaSmart Manager 300 icon, and after the welcome screen appears, click Continue.

View the ReadMe file, then click Continue. After the Easy Install dialog box appears, click Install. Do one of the following: Configuration files are settings and file contents you saved alphasmatt particular classroom activities.

The installer will copy the files to a special folder. You can have the AlphaSmart Manager 2 installer search for you or you can alphasmary to a specific location such as a CD or network drive.

Configuration files use an. When the installer finds your configuration files, step through the onscreen instructions. You can step through this portion of the installation as many times as you need, if you have configuration files in several locations.


The installer will search your system for existing SmartApplets and update them. An icon for the application will be installed on your desktop. Choose whether or not you want to start AlphaSmart Aophasmart, then click Finish. A window appears displaying the contents of the CD. Depending on your system, the file might be named setup, without the.

Or you might see an al;hasmart instead. Double-click whichever one your system displays. A welcome screen appears. Click Next to begin the installation. The End-User License Agreement appears. Click Yes to accept the agreement and proceed with the installation. You can have the installer search for the SmartApplet on a CD the quickest method or on your hard drive. You can specify a particular directory or the entire hard drive, which takes quite a bit longer but is more thorough.

Step through the onscreen instructions after you specify a location.

Alphasmart 3000 Quick Start Manual

You can step through this portion of the installation as many times as you need, if you have more than one SmartApplet to update. Updating devices to System 3 If your AlphaSmart is version 1. Connect an individual device directly to your computer using a USB cable. Connect up to thirty devices to an AlphaHub: Double-click the AlphaSmart Manager icon on the desktop.

System 3 Update Guide 5 3. You should see a yellow indicator for each device that needs updating. Devices using system software earlier than version 1.

Click the SmartApplets tab.

Alphasmart User`s guide |

System 3 Update Guide 6 5. Some of the SmartApplets in this list are for Neo devices only Important: Certain SmartApplets are compatible with Neo devices only, such as Neo fonts.

In this 3000, add only the standard SmartApplets. If you have an IR-capable AlphaSmart and want to wirelessly beam files between other AlphaSmart devices, without using alphwsmart or wires, select and add Beamer. If your AlphaSmart is not an IR device, skip this step. Keep an eye on the Memory column to be sure you have enough space on the device to add the SmartApplets you want to use.

System 3 Update Guide 7 9. Click the Settings tab and select System in the Settings List. Performing this step ensures that AlphaWord is the SmartApplet that automatically starts when you turn on an AlphaSmart In the System Settings area, scroll down to select a printer setting.

To change the default, select the Printer Selection option, then choose another printer from the list. Click the Send list tab and verify that the standard SmartApplets, plus any additional SmartApplets you want, appear in the Send List display.

AlphaSmart Manager sends updated system files and SmartApplets to the connected device s. Do not disconnect the devices until AlphaSmart Manager is through sending data.


You risk damaging devices if you do. Check the connection status area. The indicator lights for the updated device s should now be green.

Assistive Technology-Alpha Smart

Reusing old configuration files If you have configuration files from AlphaSmart Manager 1. You alphasmsrt create and reuse send lists for a variety of purposes. To change configuration files into send list files: Locate the configuration file on your computer. AlphaSmart Manager loads the file.

You can choose to reuse the same name or give it a different name. Alphasmarrt send list is now ready to use in AlphaSmart Manager 2. A device must be version 1. To check the AlphaWord version number on an AlphaSmart Watch the version number that appears in the opening screen. Version number System 3 Update Guide 9 You can also manuxl system information using a keyboard command. Press option-a-V to view system details. Version number AlphaWord v1.

OFF Press any key to exit Moving older devices to version 1.

Knowledge Base

Once you bring your older device up to version 1. The file is located on the Downloads page in the Support section of the site. Download the appropriate version for your operating system. To bring older devices to version 1. Visit the AlphaSmart web site and download the AlphaWord 1.

Save the file in a convenient location, such as the Desktop. A progress bar appears, showing the progress of the update. System 3 Update Guide 10 Warning! Do not unplug the cable from your AlphaSmart while the update is running. You can damage the AlphaSmart if you do. When the update is through, a message appears. You can now unplug the cable from your AlphaSmart When you turn on the device, the version number that appears in the opening screen will be 1.

System 3 extends the capabilities of your device and lets you work more efficiently. The following sections provide an overview of System 3 features. Press applets at anytime to go to the SmartApplets menu, then choose the SmartApplet you want to work with.

Select a SmartApplet and press enter: To set a startup SmartApplet from the SmartApplets menu: Press applets and scroll to select the SmartApplet you want to start when you turn on your AlphaSmart