Get this from a library! Directory for the pastoral ministry of bishops: Apostolorum successores. [Catholic Church. Congregatio pro Episcopis.]. Here is a translation of the Vatican press office’s presentation on the new “ Pastoral Directory for Bishops, ‘Apostolorum Successores,’”. AS Apostolorum successores, Congregation for Bishops, Directory for the Pastoral ministry of Bishops (February 22, ). Vatican City: Libreria Editrice.

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The pallium is blessed by the Roman Pontiff every year on the Solemnity of the Apostles Peter and Paul 29 June and is conferred upon each Metropolitan present.

Should a candidate be judged unsuitable for ordination, this assessment should be communicated to him in due time There are many who turn to the Bishop, either for the religious life or to receive light, support and consolation in difficulties, burdening apkstolorum with their problems and concerns.

By acting in this way and living in perfect chastity himself, the shepherd goes before his flock like Christ, the Bridegroom who gave his life successodes us and left us an example of pure, celibate, ever fruitful and universal love. The particular Church is successoers to the Aposotlorum 15who is the visible source and foundation of unity 16and through his hierarchical communion with the head and the other members of the episcopal College, the particular Church is incorporated into the plena communio ecclesiarum of the one Church of Christ.

The Directory underlines the central character of the Liturgy in the life of the diocese, especially of the Eucharistic celebration. In contrast with succcessores power exercised in every other human society, episcopal power is distinguished by its succesaores origin and by the context of ecclesial communion and mission.

As a member of the Conference, certain fundamental duties pertain to the Alostolorum. Those appointed for an interim period to govern an ecclesiastical circumscription in the country are also members The Catholic Church rejects nothing of what is true and holy in other religions.

Chapter IV “illustrates several basic principles that must guide the pastoral governing of the bishops, such as the principles of truth, collaboration, respect for jurisdictions, of the right person in the right place, of justice and legality. Jesus the teacher taught us the truth about ourselves and about God. This same solicitude for the universal Church should prompt the Bishop to offer the Pope recommendations, observations and suggestions, to point out dangers for the Church, opportunities for new initiatives and other useful ideas.

The Bishop should apostlorum remember that the effect of his personal holiness is never limited to the purely subjective level, but redounds to successorex good of the faithful entrusted to his pastoral care.

In a paternal spirit and with genuine familiarity, he should initiate a dialogue, discussing with the priests whatever is in their interest, the responsibilities assigned to them and the problems arising in diocesan life. If he has grounds for doubt, he should not admit them to ordination It enables him to act as an ambassador for Christ cf.

For the succrssores of candidates for the priesthood, the Bishops may wish to establish a metropolitan seminary, whether major or minor. In this way, priests will not find themselves having to seek additional income through activities outside their ministry, which might well obscure their chosen state of life and reduce their pastoral and spiritual activity.


In this way, the Bishop ensures that priests dedicate themselves completely to whatever is proper to their ministrysince the needs of the Church are great cf.

He should act swiftly to resolve controversies, so as to avoid the prolonged disquiet which can overshadow fraternal charity and do damage to the pastoral ministry. Both the Pastor and his flock thus share in the supernatural abundance of the whole Body. Ecclesial communion is communion of life, of charity and of truth 22and as a bond uniting people with God, it establishes a new kind of relationship among people and manifests the sacramental nature of the Church.

Cooperating with the Apostolic See in the task of evangelizing peoples, he should support young Churches with material and spiritual aid. Among these, two that particularly stand out are that of the mystical body, with Christ as head 11and that of the People of Godwhich gathers together all the children of God, pastors as well as lay faithful, and intimately unites them through one baptism.

The Bishop teacher of the faith and announcer of the Word munus docendi. This spirit of communion with the Bishop will encourage the priests in their own pastoral solicitude as they lead their people towards communion with Christ in the unity of the particular Church. So as not to hinder any legitimate particular good, the Bishop should make it his business to acquire accurate knowledge of the common good of the diocese. Just as the Bishop nurtures the seeds of vocation in adolescents and young men, so too he needs to provide for the formation of adult vocationsensuring that there are suitable institutions offering a formation programme adapted to the age and state of life of these candidates for the priesthood Yet when this does not suffice to repair the scandal, restore justice and bring about the rehabilitation of the person, the Bishop should proceed with the imposition of penalties, which may be applied in either of two ways In fact the Bishop has ultimate responsibility for the admission of candidates to holy orders.

Many people turn to the bishop for religious life and also to receive light, support and comfort in difficulties, placing on him their problems and their concerns.

Project MUSE – The Teaching Ministry of the Diocesan Bishop and Its Collaborative Exercise

In this way he demonstrates before God and before the Church his undivided love and his total availability for service, offering the world a shining testimony to the future Kingdom If such priests are not at his disposal, he should request them from other dioceses with greater resources. The Holy See may, in particular circumstances, take the extraordinary action of appointing an apostolic Administrator to a diocese that has its own Bishop.

The diocesan Bishop successoress to show similar agreement with an auxiliary equipped with special faculties In these lamentable cases, the Bishop is required to act promptly, according to the established canonical norms, for the spiritual good of the persons involved, for the reparation of scandal, and for the aapostolorum and assistance of the victims.

The importance of continuing and deepening their priestly formation, even after ordination, needs to be impressed upon future priests while they are still successorws the seminary, so that as their institutional studies and community life come to a conclusion, their formation is not interrupted.


For this purpose he should avail himself of the assistance of specialists in canon law, who should never be lacking in a particular Church. Our Saviour succewsores to Peter and to the other Apostles the task of feeding this one and only Church of his cf.

It concludes with some suggestions for modifying the existing canons of the Code of Canon Law in order to bring them into closer conformity with the theology of the teaching office. Therefore, as indicated by the Second Vatican Council, the Apostolic See grants them the power to issue binding norms on certain matters 91and to adopt particular decisionswhich each Bishop should accept faithfully and apply in his diocese In them and from them exists the one and only Catholic Church The Church has a mission to proclaim and to spread the Kingdom of God to the utmost ends of the earth, so that all may believe in Christ and so come to eternal life Prudence will prompt him to preserve the legitimate traditions of his particular Church, but it will also make him keen to encourage due progress, zealous in his search for new initiatives, while always safeguarding the unity that is needed.

The Bishop, visible principle of unity in his diocese, is called to build up the particular Church unceasingly in the communion of all its members, and to ensure that their diverse gifts and ministries, in union with the universal Church, serve to build up all the faithful and to spread the Gospel.

In manifold and fruitful ways, the Conference contributes to apostoloorum realization and development of the spirit of collegiality affectus collegialis among members of the same Episcopate.

Christ has endowed all the members of this people with hierarchical and charismatic gifts, established them in a communion of life, charity and truth, and invested them with priestly dignity cf.

“Apostolorum Successores”: New directory for Bishops

Bishops, moreover, are responsible for sanctifying and governing the People of God cum et sub Petrowith missionary dynamism and in continuity with the work accomplished by their episcopal predecessors. He should ensure that each sjccessores his best and does so generously, placing his own capacities in the service of God and of the Church, with the mature freedom of the sons of God The request must not be motivated simply by considerations of honour or prestige.

As a particular form of apostolic action in the international sphere, the Holy See participates as a full member of the principal international succsssores and actively contributes to the various Conferences held under their auspices. The Bishop becomes a member of the episcopal College by virtue of his episcopal ordination, which confers the fullness of the sacrament of orders and configures the Bishop ontologically to Jesus Christ as Pastor of his Church. Likewise, all the seminary professors share the responsibility for integral priestly formation, including those whose subjects are not strictly theological.