In Ars Theurgia Goetia, English alchemist and sorceror Gary Nottingham presents a precise and practical guide to working with the versatile spirits and. The Ars Theurgia Goetia (“the art of goetic theurgy”) is the second section of The Lesser Key of Solomon. It explains the names, characteristics. Ars Theurgia Goetia has 2 ratings and 0 reviews. In Ars Theurgia Goetia, English alchemist and sorceror Gary Nottingham presents a precise.

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teurrgia The Lesser Key of Solomon or Lemegeton Clavicula Salomonis the Clavicula Salomonisor Key of Solomon is an earlier book on the subjectis an anonymous 17th century grimoireand one of the most popular books of demonology. It has also long been widely known as the Lemegetonalthough that name is considered incorrect because it depends on faulty Latin.

It appeared in the 17th century, but much was taken from texts of the 16th century, including the Pseudomonarchia Daemonumby Johann Weyer, and late-medieval grimoires. It is likely that books by Jewish kabbalists and Muslim mystics were are inspirations. Some of the material in the first section, concerning the summoning qrs demons, dates to the 14th century or earlier. The book claims that it was originally written by King Solomonalthough this is certainly incorrect.

The titles of nobility assigned to the demons were unknown in his time, as were the prayers to Jesus and the Christian Trinity included in the text.

The Lesser Key of Solomon contains detailed descriptions of spirits and the conjurations needed to invoke and goetoa them to do the will of the conjurer referred to as the “exorcist”. It gowtia the protective signs and rituals to be performed, the actions necessary to prevent the spirits from gaining control, the preparations prior to the invocations, and instructions on how to make the necessary instruments for the execution of these rituals.

The several original copies extant vary considerably in detail and in the spellings of the spirits’ names.

Talking About Ritual Magick: Invoking the Spirits of the Theurgia-Goetia

Contemporary editions are widely available in print and on the Internet. For the main article on this section, see Goetia.


Much of the text appeared earlier, with some material dating to the teurgiia century or earlier. It contains descriptions of the seventy-two demons that King Solomon is said to have evoked and confined in a bronze vessel sealed by magick symbols, and that he obliged to work for him. It explains the names, characteristics and seals of the 31 aerial spirits called chiefs, emperors, kings and princes that King Solomon invoked and confined, the protections against them, the names of their servant spirits, called dukes, the conjurations to invoke them, and their nature, that is both good and evil.

Their sole objective is to discover and show hidden things, the secrets of any person, and obtain, carry and do anything asked to them meanwhile they are contained in any of the four elements Earth arss, FireAir and Water. These spirits are given in a complex order in the book, and some of them have spelling variations according to the different editions.

According to the legend, ads art was discovered by the Apostle Paul, but in the book is mentioned as the Pauline Art of King Solomon. The Ars Paulina was already known since the Middle Age.

It is divided in two chapters in this book. The first chapter refers on how to deal with the angels of the several hours of the day meaning day and nightto their seals, their nature, their servants called Dukesthe relation of these angels with the seven planets known at that time, the proper astrological aspects to invoke them, their names in a couple of cases coinciding with two of the seventy-two demons mentioned in the Ars Goetia, the conjuration and the invocation to call them, the Table of practice.

The second chapter concerns the angels that rule over the zodiacal signs and each degree of every sign, their relation with the four elements, Fire, Earth, Water and Air, their names, and their seals. These are called here the angels of menbecause all persons are born under a zodiacal sign, with the Sun at a specific teurrgia of it.

It tells how to make the almadelwhich is a wax tablet with protective symbols drawn on it. On it are placed four candles. This chapter has the instructions concerning the colours, materials and rituals necessary for the construction of the almadel and the candles.


The Ars Almadel also tells about the angels that are to be invoked, and explains that only reasonable and just things that are needed must be asked to them, and how the conjuration has to be made. It also mentions twelve princes ruling with them.

The Lesser Key of Solomon

The dates and astrological aspects that have to be considered most convenient to invoke the angels are detailed but briefly.

It was indeed a grimoire known since the Middle Age. The book asserts that this art was revealed by the Creator by means of an angel to King Solomon. It contains a collection of prayers some of them divided in several parts mixed with kabbalistic and magical words in several languages i.

Thelemapedia: The Encyclopedia of Thelema & Magick | The Lesser Key of Solomon

It mentions the aspects of the Moon in relation with the prayers. It also says that the prayers act as an invocation teufgia God’s angels.

According to the book, the correct spelling of the prayers gives the knowledge of the science related to arss one and also a good memory, stability of mind, and eloquence. This chapter prevents on the precepts that have to be observed to obtain a good result. Another mentions the Apostles and martyrs, and another one the Lord’s Prayer.

Retrieved from ” http: This page has been accessed times. This page was last modified Disclaimers]] Not logged in Log in Help. Grimoires Magick The Lesser Key of Solomon or Lemegeton Clavicula Salomonis the Clavicula Salomonisor Key of Solomon is an earlier book on the subjectis an anonymous 17th century grimoireteurgla one of the most popular books of demonology.

The Lesser Key of Solomon is divided into five parts. Table of contents 1 Ars Goetia. Not logged in Log in Help.