control, emotional regulation and emotional repertoire and Ferreira-Alves, ); The Courtauld Emotional Control Scale (CECS) is a 21 item self report. Anger Control: The seven-item subscale of the Courtauld Emotional Control Scale 18 measures anger control. Total scores range from seven to 28; higher. Evaluation of the level of Courtauld Emotional Control Scale (CECS) at women surgically treated for gynaecological reasons.

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Courtauld Emotional Control Scale

In Table 4the scores of GSES are presented regarding the level of self-efficacy according to gender, age, and courtaulf group affiliation. Scientific studies confirm a positive sense of the possibility to express emotions during hospitalization, operative treatment and convalescence. With regard to feelings, a low level of self-efficacy is related to depression, anxiety, and helplessness.

The category of operative procedure did not condition the level of emotional control, whether in the Total scale or in subscales of Anger, Depression and Anxiety in the preoperative period.

In reference to the aim of the study, we formulated the following hypothesis to test via questionnaire-based study: The obtained results were analysed statistically.

In the same study, differences in the scores of CECS between groups were statistically significant. The sum of all points gives the overall indicator of self-efficacy, which is within the range of 10—40 points. A total of people aged above 60 — inhabitants of Bialystok and the neighborhoods — were included in the study. The detailed scores are shown in Figure 4.

[Full text] The level of emotion control, anxiety, and self-efficacy in the elderl | CIA

By accessing the work you hereby accept the Terms. Measurements and procedure In the study, three standardized psychometric scales were used: Age is a natural factor in controlling negative emotions, 17 making control of negative emotions more intensive.


In addition, the study meotional conducted only in one city Bialystokwhich may not reflect the results for the whole country. Sources of anticipatory distress among breast surgery patients. Jachimowicz V, Kostka T. Anxiety and its correlates among older adults accessing aging services.

Connor M, Norman P, editors. The aim of the study was to assess the level of emotion control, anxiety, and self-efficacy in the inhabitants of Bialystok Poland aged above In reference to the aim of the study, we formulated the following hypothesis to test via questionnaire-based study:.

The level of emotion control, anxiety, and self-efficacy in the elderly in Bialystok, Poland

Studies on the Courtauld Emotional Control Scale CECS in women during the perioperative period, treated for gynaecological ailments, may enable identification of patients exhibiting deficits in this respect, who should be covered by courtayld special psychopreventive care.

The respondents from group I and II completed the questionnaires on their own. STAI questionnaire consists of two independent parts, each containing 20 statements.

Quality of life impairment and psychological distress in elderly patients with psoriasis. In his concept, Spielberger referred to the studies carried earlier by Cattell. The reliability of the test examined by means of a coefficient of internal compliance ranges from 0. Kossakowska et al 8 concluded that patients with psoriasis controlled anger, depression, and anxiety to a greater extent compared to the control group.


Patients and methods Participants The study was carried out on three groups: The European Health Report The scores of STAI as a trait are very frequently associated with sczle development of anxiety disorders, such as, obsessive—compulsive disorders. Thus, psychological distress was greater in patients aged above Anxiety and its relationship to quality of life independent of depression in patients with obstructive sleep apnea.

Development of a questionnaire measure of emotional control. Decline of neuropsychological abilities in a large sample of patients with multiple sclerosis: CECS consists of three subscales, each of them containing seven statements regarding the way of showing anger, depression, and anxiety.

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Figure 2 presents the correlations analyzed in the study.

Taking into consideration the mean scores of the analyzed scales regarding the study group affiliation, the group of the participants of the UHS had the highest scores, whereas elderly residents of public nursing home had the lowest scores. Control of negative emotions and its implication for illness perception among psoriasis ejotional vitiligo patients. Editor who approved publication: Self efficacy and health behaviors.

The reverse correlation was established in the oldest age group above 80 — more than half of the questioned Hosseini et al 3536 proved that in Javascript is currently disabled in your browser.