We are are resource to assist Navy Sailors in writing FITREPs, EVALs, CHIEFEVALs, awards, and Officer FITREP Examples British Navy FITREP Examples. the Navy Chief’s Mess and accepted across the Fleet. ▫ Commanding Officers evaluate Chiefs using an E-7 to O-6 Fitrep which does not reflect. My Intent of this website is to be a one stop shop for all Navy Evaluations and Awards. I have tried to compile the best Navy Evaluations, Navy FITREPS and.

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BMC Vines is an advocate of tradition, loyalty, and strong naval service.

He defines technical competence and promotes professional growth throughout his department and Wardroom. Her ground work enabled the newly detailed CMDCM to hit the deckplates running with a seamless transition. He led a team of 8 personnel in the testing serialization of over shore power cables to correct CIP inspection discrepancies contributing to Port Operations overall score of Open, honest, and frank communicator, Master Chief Valladares possesses a keen ability to tell it like it is.

Serving as a role model, his excellent personal example cultivated a command climate where shipboard personnel consistently display a high degree of military smartness. Devotion in training went past qualifications; professionalism was embedded, ensuing in two Junior Sailors of the Quarter and one Blue Jacket of the quarter. Selected as Acting Department LCPO over other senior personnel to ensure his person department maintained the highest level of mission readiness.

As the Command Financial Specialist he dedicated hours training and advising 16 Sailors and Marines in good financial decision making techniques and proper budgeting resulting in 7 security clearance approvals and zero revocations. Although not within standards, this Master Chief quickly set personal goals, made significant changes in his culture of fitness.


In only three months, Senior Chief Novak clearly gained distinction as a leadership force in the best CPO mess on the waterfront! When you realize that the success of the Navy mission depends on putting the right people in the right job, you can grasp the importance of the annual evaluation. Scheduled the complete overhaul of 38 Ready Service Lockers.

Current onboard procedures resulted in best practices for fitrwp use. He motivates, inspires, and develops every subordinate he meets. Below is a discussion on the Block 41, Comments on Performance block, and general guidance on how to record your accomplishments.

He provided mentoring in the implementation and revisions of new and existing course curriculum. His commitment to mission and crew is unwavering. The Summary The Summary: Master Chief Valente has set unbelievable standards across the Norfolk Waterfront!

Navy ChiefEval and FITREP Examples

Chief Weatherbee hit the ground running creating an environment of ccpo in Deck Dept. Although Senior Chief Britton has been onboard just over 2 months, he has made an immediate impact with superb leadership, knowledge and organizational skills.

Although not within standards for that cycle, he quickly set personal goals, made significant changes in his culture of fitness which resulted in Passing PFA cycle. Expertly orchestrated logistical operations during fast-paced no-prep 3-month surge in support of JTF Lebanon, 4-month upkeep of Engineering spaces and Force Protection Certification.


Phenomenal performance while offering sage counsel to peers, troops and Command. Hand selected as watch bill coordinator for five duty sections totaling 27 personnel.

Navy Writer

Supervising sixteen Sailors in conducting maintenance safely and correctly on six harbor security boats and five oil response crafts under OB01 Work-Center, Rising valuable skills and technical knowledge promoting self-confidence while maintaining operational readiness.

Stimulates others to excel. A natural leader with vitrep deckplate leadership, remarkable military bearing and professionalism!

Involved in every aspect of developing Sailors and Officers. His broad depth of dpo and citrep have made lasting improvements onboard WASP. Guarantees success in every evolution. Senior Chief Mlinaric is a proven leader and manager, who succeeds at the most difficult tasks. Chief Sinoc has an outstanding fittrep to plan, manage, and allocate limited resources, resulting in increased productivity and total mission accomplishment.

Aggressive management of ship’s certifications and required training evolutions resulted in an unprecedented He thrives on fast-paced, mission-oriented challenges and was the primary catalyst in many of WASP’s successes. Well on way to top SCPO rung. Driving force behind AIMD’s success during Aviation Maintenance Inspection, resulting in “32 of 35” programs being graded as “On Track” and 58 of 59 practical drills graded satisfactory with no major discrepancies.

WASP making mission on a no-prep surge deployment. PRT not conducted due to operational commitment. Displaying inspiring dedication, he mentors and develops Sailors.