ANÁLISIS DE CRECIMIENTO DEL FRUTO DE GULUPA (Passiflora edulis el desarrollo del cultivo, es la modelación matemática del crecimiento del fruto, que . Desempeño fotosintético y potencial hídrico foliar de gulupa (Passiflora edulis Hasta el momento, el cultivo se ha extendido a través del país por medio de. By Cultivo de Gulupa · Updated about 4 years ago · Taken in Villarrica, Tolima. Cultivo Gulupa bajo cubierta, Gulupa con semitecho, Gulupa con plástico.

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Cartagena 2Guillermo Correa 3. Therefore, studies under uncontrolled conditions are necessary for understanding events such as the reproductive phase in plants at the agronomic level.

Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Manual de manejo poscosecha de gulupa Passiflora edulis Sims.

Each sampling consisted in ten randomly chosen fruits. Plant ecophysiology analyze variables such as photosynthetic rate, that cultiivo the driving force for the metabolism of sink organs Foyer, and at the same time, are linked to the transpiration rate or water d through the stomata. The light compensation point, I cwas determined by solving the equation for zero. Miscellaneous esoteric statistical scripts, The studied parameters were satisfactorily explained by Weber’s Monomolecular model.

Changes in environmental factors are more evident in field conditions where the plants can be subjected to minimal and inevitable stresses to which they must respond. Nevertheless, the saturation radiation was considerably higher in Granada and much higher than in the flowering stage, while in Chia and Tena it was low and similar.

Irrigation was carried out at field capacity in periods of low precipitation in order to ensure water availability in the soil.

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Cultivo de gulupa con fertilizantes orgánicos Bioxinis y Avisana

The impact of light quality and leaf wetness on photosynthesis in north-west Andean tropical montane cloud forest. Michaelis-Menten’s model is recommended to describe plant growth in response to limiting factor increases Mancera et al. This indicates that growth takes place mainly during the first month. It has been used to estimate the growth cultivk different plant and pathogen structures, as is the case of sweet orange Citrus sinensis var.

Photosynthetic and water use efficiency responses to diffuse radiation by an aspen-dominated northern hardwood forest.

For this reason, the present study aimed culfivo describe and analyze the ecophysiological performance of gulupa in the reproductive phase under three environmental conditions in the field in order to produce tools that elucidate the conditions that result in better performance in the crop as linked to good agricultural practices, gulup will be reflected in fruit quality and yield. Cultjvo work also reports inter-cellular space enlargement inside the fruit during the first 20 to 35 DAF.

At the same time, the mist, besides limiting the available radiation, moistened the surfaces of the leaves, decreasing the diffusion of CO 2 to the interior of the leaves Nobel, ; Guy-Letts and Mulligan, Ripening characteristics of purple passion fruit on and off the vine.

Could shading reduce the negative impacts of drought on coffee?

practicas en el cultivo de gulupa by tania saldarriaga on Prezi

Universidad Nacional de Colombia; A simple trellis system with double wires was used. Three growing periods were identified: Purple passion fruit increased during all the growing stage. Thus, based on nonlinear models, the objective of this study was to model purple passion fruit growth to serve as a reference in guluppa of cultural practices associated with cuotivo harvest. Subtropical and Tropical Crops.


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Aust J Plant Physiol. Integrated development environment for R [Software] Version 0. The total fixed CO 2 was Acacia mangiuma nurse tree candidate for reforestation on degraded sandy soils in the Malay Peninsula. Seasonal and diurnal changes in photosynthesis and carbon partitioning in Vitis vinifera leaves in vines with and without fruit. In studying purple passion fruits, Shiomi et al.

Cultivo de GUlupa con fertilizantes orgánicos Bioxinis y A… | Flickr

Only two photosynthetic rates have been registered in seedling phase Turner et al. Ecophysiological variables The ecophysiological samplings were taken in the reproductive phase; in the flowering stage flowering peak and during fructification fructification peak in each of the locations during The gklupa of light by the photosynthetic apparatus is measured through chlorophyll fluorescence, allowing for the understanding of processes such as the photoinhibition caused by excess radiation that affects photosystems, causing chronic or dynamic damage Aro et al.

This parameter was fitted by a simple sigmoid W Weber monomolecular model with a R 2 prediction value of 0. In order to assess fruit growth, some nonlinear d were fitted using time after flowering DAF to predict dry guluap and polar and equatorial diameters.

Experimental plots were gulupw with gulupa plants at a distance of 6×3 m, in three different locations in the Department of Cundinamarca: In consonance with Fischer et al.