IN –92, Grassi and Rovelli1 fed onchospheres of Davainea proglottina to the slugs Limax cinereus, Agriolimax agrestis and Limax flavus and were able in . Davainea proglottina: pictures (1). To cite this page: Myers, P., R. Espinosa, C. S. Parr, T. Jones, G. S. Hammond, and T. A. Dewey. The Animal Diversity. of this outer coat. The wrinkled or corrugated surface reminds on what of the gelatinous coat of an Ascaris egg. A rather heavy fibr delimits the heart-shaped.

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Free-ranging poultry are more at risk if they have free access to humid environments with abundant slugs and snails that can be inefected.

Eliminate reservoir host 4. It is virtually impossible to treat every place where they can survive and they reproduce extremely quickly. Davainea proglottinaalso called the minute tapeworm or the small chicken tapewormis a parasitic worm that has chicken, turkey, guineafowl, grouse, other domestic and wild gallinaceous birds but also pigeons as final hosts.

Systema Helminthum, Volume 2. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service.

Davaineidae – Wikipedia

Davaineidae Scientific classification Kingdom: Retrieved from ” https: Por favor,activa el JavaScript! Contamination on hand 3.

Dynamics of daily expulsion of proglottides by the avian cestodes Davaniea proglottina Davaine,Raillietina S cesticillus Molin, and Choanotaenia infundibulum Bloch, The eggs measure about 35×50 micrometers, have a capsule and are embryonated, i. Auth with social network: Journal of Helminthology daavinea 4: The life-cycle of Davainea proglottina Davaine and relation between the proglottids discharged daily protlottina the number of tapeworms in the domestic fowl.


But in numerous regions in Africa and Asia almost all traditionally kept poultry are more or less infected with this parasite or related tapeworms. Details Written by P. The life-cycle of Davainea proglottina and relation between the proglottids discharged daily and the number of tapeworms in the eavainea fowl.

Davainea proglottina is highly pathogenic for young birds.

Frequent davainda of the birds’ bedding and keeping it dry can help to avoid infections because it shortens the survival of the eggs and is unattractive for slugs and snails. Introduction Monsters Daavainea Found world wide, but is common in regions where humans work closely with pigs and eat ill-prepared pork.

The rostellum is surrounded by suckers which are armed with spines. The reproductive organs in each segment have a common opening called the genital pore.

It is closely related to Raillietina sppanother genus of bird tapeworms. The segments are whitish to translucent. Only the last one is gravid, i. Eliminate intermediate host 3. In young segments all these organs are still rudimentary. Sadia Aden and Levan Dunkal.

Indian Veterinary Journal 47 Observations on the life cycle of Davainea proglottina in Britain. Share buttons are a little bit lower.


Each segment has also excretory cells known as flame cells protonephridia. We think you have liked this presentation.


Slugs are the intermediate hosts. Steven J Goldstein Affiliation: Lange Chapter 54Lange Chapter The birds ingest such contaminated snails or slugs. It is found worldwide. By mild and humid weather the eggs can remain infective for slugs and snails during several days. Intermediate hosts are small insects such as ants.

It is very seldom an issue in modern industrial operations. Cyclophyllidea Taenia saginataTaenia saginata Taenia soliumTaenia solium Echinococcus granulosusEchinococcus granulosus Echinococcus multilocularisEchinococcus. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. After digestion, the cysticercoids release the young tapeworms that attach to the gut’s wall.

E ach segment has its own reproductive organs of both sexes i.

In addition it would be also very harmful for the environment. Proglottnia page was last edited on 12 Augustat On the occurrence of Davainea proglottina Davaine, Blanchard, in desi fowls in Kerala state. Biology, prevention and control. Animal parasites of vertebrates Cestoda Platyhelminthes families.

Diagnosis is usually done only after necropsy. Bulletin of Epizootic Diseases of Africa 16 3: The slugs and snails ingest the gravid segments, which release the eggs after digestion.