The time: years after man’s first landing on the Moon. There are permanent populations established on the Moon, Venus, and Mars. Outer space inhabitants . Earthlight [Arthur C. Clarke, Brian Holsopple] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The time: years after man’s first landing on the Moon. Editorial Reviews. From the Publisher. 6 1-hour cassettes. About the Author. Arthur C. Clarke was considered to be the greatest science fiction writer of all time.

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Campbell Award for his novel Rendezvous With Rama. Earthlight by Arthur C.

Arthur C. Clarke Reading Challenge 2013 – October: Earthlight

The real negative for me is that this book basically gives up on it’s original premise. Don’t laugh, it happens. It starts off a Clarke’s books are always worth reading, even if it’s his lesser work. Clarke not only has deep insights into human nature, and to what science can become, but also a natural and poetic way of writing.

The year is not given, but it is some time in the 22nd century. Earth scientists discovered a way to exploit the mineral resources of the Moon, but the government decided to stay quiet, earthljght order to avoid the Federation requests for more minerals. As is usual with ACC, women characters are non-existent.

Eatrhlight Space Odyssey comics Jun 24, Jenna rated it it was amazing Shelves: In other words, those looking for whopping space opera should look elsewhere. In the end, reason seems to win and the future is secured through cooperation and science.

Obviously, the other planets are not very fond of that behaviour.

Earthlight by Arthur C. Clarke

It is a war story and an espionage tale, both popular at the time of publication, but one which projects the ideas of conflict and technological superiority years into the future. This page was last edited on 26 Septemberat Clarke foresees not only a lunar city but developing lunar culture, with its own customs and slang, emerging as people learn to live and work together as pioneers in space.


I earthlignt the story rather minimal, the main character observes what is happening instead of directly participating in it all — which gives a distinctly realistic feel. Clarke is wistful and nearly poetic in the way he describes Sadler simply gazing out the train’s windows at the passing lunar deserts, its cliffs, craters, seas of moondust and sprawling mountains.

By modern standards this is a very clxrke novel, only pages in total. My edition has a preface by Clarke written in Nov.

Arthur C. Clarke Reading Challenge – October: Earthlight | For winter nights – A bookish blog

Clarke is one of the most influential writers of science fiction. But it’s executed with such taut efficiency it holds up exceptionally, despite certain inevitable traits a clwrke contemporary novel simply wouldn’t possess an utter absense of women in the cast, for one.

The weapon developed in the story by Earth, which clafke an electromagnet-propelled bayonet of liquid metal, is said to have inspired DARPA ewrthlight develop a weapon along the same lines.

What I found most interesting was his description of the moon’s milieu. In many o By modern standards this is a very slim novel, only pages in total. The signal was received by a Federation spaceship a few million kilometers away. Why doesn’t anybody write SF novels about the moon anymore?

This is a really fine science fiction spy novel set on the Moon. Arthur Charles Clarke was one of the most important and influential figures in 20th century science fiction. Recommended if you like clarek contemplate life on other worlds, or enjoy a quick view of a still-compelling future through the lens of the past. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Our hero is Bertram Sadler, an accountant sent to the moon’s enormous Observatory ostensibly to audit their books.

They decided to send there an agent disguised as an accountant to investigate and clare the spy. Mark Yon June 19, at 3: Since this book has been available in the UK clarme part of the omnibus edition The Space Trilogy though it isn’t actually a trilogy in the traditional, sequential sense.


Thank you for the review! Not what I’d recommend as an introduction for him. Posted by Jesse at Despite the obviously unbelievable premise that the human race could possibly go two centuries without waging war, Clarke is dead on the money in positing a dispute over resources as a trigger for major war. Hopefully then, you found my review accurate and appropriate. Tensions between Earth and the Federation have been mounting, the latter accusing the former of withholding crucial natural resources.

Two astronomers who have delivered a top Earth exrthlight to Pico with sarthlight a couple of hours to spare, witness the battle.

A must-read for lovers of classic SF. Surely, the troubles of Earth must be left behind if we are to explore and settle new worlds. Earthlight is the story of Bertram Sadler, an undercover agent for the CIA sent to the moon to ferret out a suspected spy. As the conflict for resources develops, an agent from an Intelligence Agency of Earth travels to the Moon, trying to uncover a spy passing information to the Federation. The result is conflict….

I enjoyed this more than expected. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

He earthlightt weigh on the story at all. There is also a detail I can’t forget: There has been no war for two centuries. As per usual, Clarke has interesting ideas and a book as exciting as bending cardboard. I enjoyed the science, even if it’s outdated.