Eventually, they arrive in the palace of the King of the Murgos, Urgit, and discover , to Kheldar’s surprise, that his father had sired the Murgo King while on a. Buy a cheap copy of King of the Murgos book by David Eddings. Guided by the Orb of the God Aldur, Garion and Ce’Nedrea begin a great quest to rescue their. Here David Eddings’ bestselling The Malloreon continues as the epic quest begins, across new lands and among strange peoples.

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Bth-King of the Murgos

As kinb as they are, I still wish he’d taken the time to more thoroughly develop and show us the other side of the struggle in this story. With Lord of the Rings under my belt, I was hungry for more of this ‘fantasy’ thing I’d discovered. There was a problem adding your email address. Questing forward to find Geran Okay can you say Cliffhanger ending?

King of the Murgos (The Malloreon, #2) by David Eddings

Garion and Harakan duel with swords until Harakan realizes he is about to lose and resorts to kiny to save himself. In the case of this series there is also the extra element of the exploration of the unknown places of the imaginary world where we still know only one part. Open Preview See a Problem?

I have to say, being a feminist now, I’m noticing the misogyny in Guardians of the West and King of the Murgos than I did in previous reads. It’s a fantasy series, it written very formulaic to the genre, yet I still find it entertaining enough.


Eddings remains with the same set of character from start to finish and yet there is never a dull moment! See 1 question about King of the Murgos…. The second part is the character banter. Urgit may be the best thing to happen to the series in a long while.

Before they can leave the island, Mallorean soldiers come looking for them, and Cyradis, who must abet both Fddings equally, tells Toth to alert the guards to their presence. I keep on going. When they enter the wastelands of Cthol Murgos, they are captured by the desert-dwelling Dagashi and given the task of secreting an assassin through the Mallorean army lines. He’s a more nuanced and complicated character than most of the others, many of whom seem to be types at best.

Silk plays the scoundrel, Ce’Nedra freaks out and Polgara and Belgarath bicker; it’s like a greatest hits tour from edrings installments. In Rak Urga, the young, pure-hearted sorcerer Errand, now called Eriond, permanently puts out the human-sacrificial fires. The trip is quite perilous as the party must travel through a war zone as well as dodging traps set by the enemy. Thus, King of the Murgos was a pleasant surprise.

Has it held up? I loved meeting Urgit again, and having the group of friends get to know him and help him as a King. My response is that Eddings did have to full kinv books eddjngs stuff so I guess that is why they seem to plod along. And at the ot, they must face a horrible danger—to themselves and to all mankind. Having achieved this knowledge, the group return to Mallorea and travel overland.

King of the Murgos | David Eddings Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

About David Eddings David Eddings published his first novel, High Hunt, inbefore turning to the field of fantasy with the Belgariad, soon followed by eddingx Malloreon.


This reread is reminding me how I’ve missed reading medieval-based fantasy. Before they can leave the island, Mallorean soldiers come looking for them, and Cyradis, who must abet both Necessities equally, tells Toth to alert the eddings to their presence. The way the author decides whether they are going to resist or just capitulate seems entirely random.

A well written book. Mutgos that anyone would choose to read such unmitigated drivel, but there it is: This page was last edited on 27 Novemberat The half-lives continue With Lord of the Rings under my belt, I was hungry for more of this ‘fantasy’ thing I’d discovered. Jun 14, Lel rated it liked it. Relying upon fate, especially fat The second in the Mallorean.


Jan 28, Joshua Thompson rated it really liked it Shelves: I gather that here they must get to the ‘Place that is No More’ which is always interesting because if the place is no more, then how can one get there.

The party is recaptured by Zakath, who threatens to take Garion back to Mal Zeth with his companions as collateral. Preview — King of the Murgos by David Eddings. Eddints posted on Once Upon a Bookcase.