Eigenantrag · Eigenkapitalersetzendes Darlehen · Eigenverwaltung · Einstellung Nachlassgericht · Neue Zeitschrift für das Recht der Insolvenz und Sanierung. Okt. und Durchführung von Verbraucher- und Regelinsolvenzen. Antrag Verbraucherinsolvenz, Antrag Regelinsolvenz, Antrag Privatinsolvenz. Die drohende Zahlungsunfähigkeit ist lediglich bei einem Eigenantrag Bei Regelinsolvenzverfahren („Unternehmensinsolvenzen”, „IN-Verfahren”) wird in der.

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While the debtor was required to prove that no disadvantages were associated with self-administration prior to the ESUG, this is now assumed in principle. The debtor may also request that they be entitled to execute obligations incumbent on the assets.

Wird bei vorzeitiger Aufhebung des Schutzschirmverfahrens vgl.

Das Insolvenzrecht Deutschlands ist das Rechtsgebiet des deutschen Zivilrechts, das sich auf materiell- und verfahrensrechtlichem Gebiet mit den Rechten von Glaubigern bei Reeglinsolvenz des Schuldners befasst. The insolvency plan may waive the obligation to produce financial reports. During review, the court may make decisions based on its own expertise provided the documents provided are sufficient for such a decision.

However, if you are subsequently found to be in breach of your obligations and this results in significant interference with satisfying creditors, the court may revoke your discharge of residual debt. KG ist eiyenantrag Insolvenzverfahren beendet. In this case, the legal costs are considered covered.

The same applies to creditors who have not registered their claims during the insolvency proceedings. A mandatory creditors’ committee must be appointed if two of the three following criteria are met: Eigeenantrag Antragsteller eines Schutzschirmverfahrens kann nur der Schuldner selbst sein. Creditors of the assets also receive notification of such.


If the insolvency plan is adopted, the rules also apply to the creditors who voted against the plan or rejected it.

Geschaeftsfelder – KANZLEI NICKERT

The court now reviews whether grounds for insolvency exist. During the settlement phase, the debtor implements the decisions of the creditors’ meeting, turns to account the available assets and revises the insolvency table. Zur A-Z-Liste aller Standorte. Nehmen Sie Kontakt auf.

The insolvency court opens insolvency proceedings by virtue of an order. Solche Verbindlichkeiten sind vorweg, also vor den Insolvenzverbindlichkeiten, aber nach den Verfahrenskosten, zu befriedigen.

Die Zustimmung des Sachwalters ist jedoch Wirksamkeitsvoraussetzung. The debtor must submit the insolvency plan to the insolvency court by the specified deadline. Grounds for insolvency — inability to pay, overindebtedness, imminent insolvency The court now reviews whether grounds for insolvency exist. Hundesteuer – Hund abmelden. Eintragung eines Vereins regelinsolgenz das Vereinsregister.

This question is highly relevant in practice.

Typical procedure for self-administration proceedings

The duration of this process depends in particular on whether:. The amendments to the ESUG now gives debtor companies the option to engage in self-administration while already facing insolvency protection proceedings.

Verification meeting For debtor-in-possession proceedings, verification of the insolvency claims is a matter for the insolvency monitor. The provisional insolvency monitor is generally tasked preparing reports in provisional debtor-in-possession proceedings.

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In addition, a final record is usually not submitted. Die Eigenverwaltung ist ein Institut, das in der Vergangenheit praktisch nicht angewendet wurde. Please click the link in that email to activate your subscription.

Anerkennung von Schuldner- und Insolvenzberatungsstellen “geeignete Stelle”. Involvement of the supervisory board and shareholders’ meeting For debtor-in-possession proceedings, the legal personality or supervisory organs have no influence Section a InsO.

The insolvency administrator is required to submit an interim report on the further developments in the insolvency case at regular six-month intervals.


Insolvency proceedings are not permitted without an insolvency petition. Zwar hat der BGH mit dem Beschluss vom 7. If the creditors reject the insolvency plan, the proceedings shall be conducted as standard insolvency proceedings from then on. This means no proceedings may be carried out ex officio. Does this product have an incorrect or missing image? Let us know about it. KG is involved, the insolvency proceedings will be terminated.

Lower-ranking insolvency claims must be satisfied in the following order, and according to the proportion of their amounts if ranking with equal status: In addition to commissioning an expert report, the court has the option of ordering measures to safeguard the estate.

Schuldnerverzeichnis nach altem Recht Offline – Auskunft.

Dienstleistungen: Steuern, Finanzen und Recht

Because insolvency protection proceedings are only possible for imminent insolvency, there is often no obligation to submit a petition for insolvency, simply a right to petition for insolvency. The appointment of an insolvency administrator will be dispensed with for self-administration. You can recognise these different proceedings by the court file reference: However, the process for discharging residual debt requires the implementation of insolvency proceedings.

In such cases, the insolvency court makes the decision whether to open insolvency proceedings. The statutory distribution sequence is as follows:.

If these conditions are met, the court will order debtor-in-possession proceedings. Diese Frage hat hohe praktische Relevanz.