“Function and Concept” (German: Über Funktion und Begriff, “On Function and Concept”) is an article by Gottlob Frege, published in The article involves a . : Funktion, Begriff, Bedeutung (): Gottlob Frege: Books. Funktion, Begriff, Bedeutung. [Gottlob Frege] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Mit den hier von Günther Patzig zusammengestellten und.

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If they don’t denote the same object, then there is no reason to think that substitution of one name for another would preserve truth.

The reader will find there reasons for thinking that Kant and Frege may have shared freye of a common conception about logic for us to believe that equivocation doesn’t undermine the apparent inconsistency between their views on the reducibility of arithmetic to logic.

Since the object of arithmetic does not have an intuitive character, its fundamental propositions cannot stem from intuition… Fregetranslation in McGuinness ed. Many of the philosophical doctrines of the mature Frege have parallels in Funkhion it has been the subject of scholarly debate whether or not there was a direct influence on Frege’s views arising from his attending Lotze’s lectures.

Funktion, Begriff, Bedeutung: Fünf Logische Studien by Gottlob Frege

Index of language articles. Let us refer to the denotation and sense of the words as follows: Let us refer to the denotation and sense of the words as follows:.


Frege used a special typeface Gothic for variables in general statements. While pursuing his investigations into mathematics and logic and quite possibly, in order to ground those investigationsFrege was led to develop a philosophy of language. Frege as Idealist and then Realist,” Inquiry 22 1—4: Logic is not purely formal, from Frege’s point of view, but rather can provide substantive knowledge of objects and concepts.

Wright as Basic Laws of Arithmetic: Dominic Looser marked it as to-read Mar 23, His father Carl Karl Alexander Frege — was the co-founder and headmaster of a girls’ high school until his death.

The MIT Press, 3— Hinstorff,the first section of which dealt with the structure and logic of language.

Bertrand Russell, just when the printing of this volume was rrege its completion. University of Minnesota Press, 37— Blackwell, second revised edition, Philosophy of LanguageLondon: Thoregon added it Apr 13, The conceptual range Begriffsumfang follows the truth value of the function:.

Julia-ljudmila Viktoria rated it it was amazing Nov 13, Let us call the sense of the entire sentence s [ jLm ].

Gottlob Frege – Wikipedia

By contrast, Frege took logic to have its own unique subject matter, which included not only facts about concepts concerning negation, subsumption, etc. LeibnizBernard Bolzano [12]. Leben, Werk, ZeitHamburg: Retrieved from ” https: Zombiouscrustacean rated it it was amazing Apr 28, To explain these puzzles, Frege suggested a that in addition to having a denotation, names and descriptions also express a sense.


Frege distinguished two truth-values, The True and The False, which he took to be objects. Thus Basic Law V applies equally well to the extensions of concepts.

While conventional accounts of meaning took expressions to have just one feature referenceFynktion introduced the view that expressions have two different aspects of significance: Frege, therefore, would analyze this attitude report as follows: The proof of Frege’s Theorem was a tour de force which involved some of the most beautiful, subtle, and complex logical reasoning that had ever been devised.

Philosophers only recently appreciated the importance of this work C.

In particular, we adopt the following conventions. Beggiff suggested that existence is not a concept under which objects fall but rather a second-level concept under which first-level concepts fall. Begriffsschrift The Foundations of Arithmetic Frege had friendly relations with Jews in real life: