Sri Bajrang Baan. This prayer, The Arrow of Hanuman is a very powerful mantra to destroy negativity and fear. It is said that sadhus in the jungle sing this when. Shri Hanuman Bajrang Baan ।। श्री हनुमान बजरंग-बाण ।। Shri Hanuman Bajrang Baan written by shri Goswami Tulsidas ji. Shri Hanuman Bajrang Baan. The Bajrang Baan is a very powerful prayer dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Bajrang Baan literally means, the arrow of Bajrang Bali or Lord.

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I set out to get the meaning of this mantra as per my bqan n this is what I have come across. Anonymous September 13, at 9: Feedjit Feedjit Live Blog Stats.


Bajrang Baan begins with a request I have been told that someone has done black magic on me. It is very unfortunate that some misconceptions are being circulated.

Once your work will be done you will not be in a position to read it continuously because of anything,busyness or some other issues and the day you stopped it you will be in trouble. Those 2 months of the hxnuman would be added in the year and this ways you will have to complete your trouble period of 12 months which later on becomes 14 months.

I ll never read it again. Just to make bairang one aware about the true meaning of Bajrang Baan its true meaning and details today i am writing this post. Anonymous March 2, at 8: Anonymous August 2, at Anonymous April 12, at 2: What an un-educated this webpage writer is, i can not believe. What is Pitra Dosh?


In most of the books like Hanuman Chalisa or Hanuman Asthak you will find Bajrang Baan and thus in the flow you read that too wherein it should not be read. Davesh singh March 12, at Anonymous August 27, at Bajrang BaanConceptDisadvantages. Whenever you take Hanumaanji’s name or pray HIM, he will listen you.

I had tried it and it gives me confidence and it is a type of meditation with Shri Hanuman. Anonymous Bajranf 18, at I mean actualy I got one disadvantage like you written in disadvantage of bjrang baan.

In fact the last four lines of the Bajran Baan itself encourages people to recite it. But ya, if u start chanting it once then you should continue that and never stop that. Thanx for that post coz I did it Where are the answers, and what is it’s authenticity?

I was unaware of the fact and thus did it. I m not satisfied with above lines.

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Anonymous April 8, at 9: Now being Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian hardly matters yes on Tuesday and Saturday it should not be consumed and Alcohol should be stopped immediately if you are worshiping Lord Hanuman!! When person does Bhakti with Shuddha Chitt, his bhakti is accepted by lord.

I have seen and met many people who say that we chant “Bajrang Baan ” and also i have got many cases where people say the even after reading the “Bajrang Ban” we are not getting the long term results and peace of mind. This can be proved better with an example like It is in your destiny that you will be in trouble for 1 year and during that period you read Bajrang Baan for 2 months. This line does not mean we are giving hanuman ji swear of shri ram to fulfil our wishes.


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Those 2 months will be bit comfortable for you but that doesn’t means that your 2 months will be deducted out of the year. Since 5 months, I got other financers, who showed promises but nothing is happening. Anonymous March 12, at I don’t reply to comments in open Forum!!

Anonymous April 18, at 4: Well, Hanuman Chalisa is no doubt a great tool to make Lord Happy but at the very same time it is also true that if You Chant Sundarkand daily once during sunset you will get quick and instant results. Omkeshwar September 27, at 3: I would after reading this article would like to know if it is ok to stop right away n seek forgiveness immediately. I must say I m suffering with all these problem in my life It is banned for them.

Being a layman, there hhanuman many doubts in spiritual activities, and its pros and cons. Bhagwan is made of positive divine energies and there is no question of negative energies coming to Him. Anonymous January 17, at 2: Reading Bajrang baan will not have any bad effect. Please answer as it would my mind at ease bxan help me. Whosoever, worships Hanumanji, is saved from the malefic bajrahg of Shani. Anonymous January 20, at 6: Anonymous May 31, at