How to Plan MAIO and HSN – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) 8 OMO BSC GSM V9R11R12R13 Frequency Hopping. A mobile allocation index offset (MAIO) refers a time delay separating traffic channels. When a Thus, the MA Table, MAIO and the Hopping Sequence Number (HSN) completely configure a hopping sequence procedure GSM standard. View Test Prep – Frequency hopping from ECE at D A V College Cheeka. What is HSN and MAIO in GSM? – + February S M T W T F.

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As a result drop call rate reduces in the network.

What is HSN and MAIO in GSM? – telecomHall

Implementtaion nsn 1 x 3 hopping plan in the network However BBH without additional hardware will result in quality improvements and provide scope of additional capacity as compared to fixed frequency plan though the benefits may not be as significant as seen in SFH.

But sometimes intracell handover takes place without mobile or BTS radiating at full power.

However this can be used on a case to xnd basis. As a result, the decoding and de-interleaving processes can more effectively remove bit errors caused by bursts received whilst on fading ,aio errors will be randomly distributed instead of having long bursts of errors.

This is because the network is not synchronized so if there is any one hit it will result in continuous sequence of hits. If BCCH is included in the hopping sequence, timeslots 1 to 7 can not be used to carry traffic. On drive data call was made to check the data call feature in Hopping mode.


Benefits of BBH comparable maoi SFH can only be obtained by equipping additional hardware in order to include more frequencies in hopping sequence. Kings Circle V1 8.

It is a number that defines the anx hopping algorithm, and can vary from 0 to 63, ie there are 64 hopping algorithms to be used in GSM. Conventionally there are 3 main reuse patterns followed for hopping frequencies. Frequency Hopping is an old technique introduced firstly in military transmission system to ensure the secrecy of communications and combat jamming.

Mobile Allocation Index Offset

Forum options Article index Post Search. Possible use of channel 47 in hopping can also be considered on a case to case basis. Set 1 is used preferably in sector V1 and so on.

Hopping sequence number T1: MAIO is used on per carrier basis to provide offset for starting frequency in hopping sequence and avoid hits among carriers of the site. The HSNs 1 — 63 are pseudo random sequences used in the random hopping while the HSN 0 is reserved for a sequential sequence used in the cyclic hopping.

Uplink and downlink power control is enabled in the network. Install a Repeater h. JP Road V2 – both 4. MAIO is just a start number take it like this, it is simply an offset of trx to start hopping. Motorola system allows to define the hopping system on a per im basis. This increase in reuse is definitely going to degrade BCCH carrier quality as compared to present situation.


However it is not possible to plan Mumbai network in 12 considering the terrain. According to characteristics of each sector, they then wnd the final planning, including the possibility of simulations.

X Like My Work Follow. This is very useful to identify the change in any of the areas and the cause. Verification Please confirm you are human. But this is a subjective issue and good value should be decided by doing multiple drives. Thane Stn V1 6. The benefits of hopping increase if more frequencies are available for hopping. There always exists a trade-off between BCCH and hopping plans. Thus 1×3 hopping plan restricts carrier addition in sites that has carriers. What does Orthogonal means in Wireless Networks?

MA list is same for the cells of different sites — In this case HSN should be different for all such cells.