Scott Turow’s latest Kindle County thriller takes its inspiration from the Greek This latest one, “Identical,” is stuffed with so many themes and. Scott Turow takes a long time to get his ducks in a row in this, his most recent novel about legal shenanigans in Chicago, which as usual he. Scott Turow has written another convoluted mystery set in fictional Kindle County, Two of the main characters are brothers – identical.

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Just what did happen on that fateful night all those years ago? The book is split betweenwhen a horrible murder shatters a fami It sounds like a hokey set up. Post was not sent identocal check your email addresses! This book is the ninth is the Scoth county legal thriller series. And as for family, well, they really are just as sinister and shocking as the myths that Turow uses as his backdrop for the characters in his novel Identical.

‘Identical’ Stumbles Outside The Courtroom

Scott Turow has written another convoluted mystery set in fictional Kindle County, somewhere in the Midwest. Maybe my disappointment comes from being an admirer. In the 21st Century? Who one identifies with an Courtroom drama and medical forensics Two identlcal, identical twins, one goes to jail at age 25 for the murder of his sweetheart.

Oh me of little faith. I don’t know if that’s unfair, but it is true. Dec 28, Dick Reynolds rated it really liked it.


Review of “Identical” by Scott Turow | Rhapsody in Books Weblog

Identical is actually a pretty good courtroom drama, when it’s in the courtroom. And Lidia has a secret.

I do admit, though, that I stopped only a couple of books after PI. Only in do we get the answers to these questions. To view it, click here. Cass comes to the decision that he is going to ask Dita to marry him.


Whereas many authors improve with each book, I think that he did not. Their families were close identicaal to the tragedy that exploded in their midst.

Cass is all set to marry Dita though he seems to be the only one, including Dita, who is happy with the match. Ah those good intentions Not poor black folks that you would expect to get the shaft in an era of Jon Burge types.

Can I get my money back? Paul is soon to be a lawyer while Cass, a little less ambitious, is headed to a future in law enforcement. One should never intentionally cross a Greek. As a Greek, I enjoyed the fact that Turow did his research and aptly captured the very hairy and hot blooded culture of crazy people that truly belong on a tiny island all unto themselves. Nov 21, JoAnne Pulcino rated it it was ok Shelves: The plot is this – A wealthy, CEO, Hal Kronon, has spent decades heartbroken over the violent hands-on murder of his sister and the man who has confessed and served One should never intentionally cross a Greek.


Indeed, the plot could be seen as a retelling of a Greek myth — I hesitate to say which one, lest it be too spoilery.

During the telling of the story, Scott Turow goes into some detail describing the lives of all the characters. Even his identical twin, Paul, despises Dita but doesn’t know what to do. After the misery that some of these characters went through on Hal’s witch hunt, I wanted his reality to come crashing through but it didn’t, and for all the shrines he had built for Dita, in the end all she got was a shrug and “we will never really understand” and on he goes.

The mystery of her death held me in suspense the entire time. You are commenting using your WordPress. This is a courtroom drama intermixed with medical forensics pertaining to twins’ DNA. Cass and Paul are so alike and yet so very different — when Cass is released after serving a 25 year sentence for murder, they hope to rediscover their relationship and get on with life.

There’s a murder, and there are twins involved, and really, haven’t we seen this on every soap opera ever? Cass ends up being sent to prison for 25 years.