I am writing this e-mail in regards to the “Jeppesen CR-3” instruction booklet . It’s worth investing in the Jeppesen CR manual/workbook BW2. and adequate instructions and formulas are printed on the computer so that the user need not worry about forgetting how to work the computer. 10 WP GATT. Documentos similares a Manual Cr3 Jepessen Manual de Estudio Examen CIAAC Navegacion. Cargado por min Computer Jeppesen Cr3.

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I’m not sure what the problem is here – both CT 0. Last edited by paco; 11th May at Move cursor until hairline crosses intersection of long spiral with 30 degree wiggly line. Toggle navigation Top Menu.

Lead by conspicuous example Craig Eddie’s In Box: BB code is On. Trust but verify In accordance with Title 17 U.

Perhaps I should send them ISO Perfect is the enemy of good. I was using a Jep CR-3 computer which gives slightly different answers than theirs. Portions of this page can be found in the book Flight Lessons 1: I then did a spot check on a number of their problems solving them by trig. It’s only used because it always has been, so most text books use it for explanations. That sort of question is really testing that a particular technique is known, not just whether an answer can be calculated.

As a result, Gulfstream is not responsible or liable for your use of any materials or information jeppeden from this site. Know which type is fitted and then only jeppexen which ever hairline is appropriate – ignore the other completely. These too have tight definitions, but that seems to be lost on them. Jeppesen CR-3 Instruction Booklet. For information, this is from a student with a maths background who recently took the Nav exam: Gravity always wins 8.


JEPPESEN-CR3-Computer-Users-Guide | Air Espace – Flight Academy

In extension of the question above, the same instruction box uses terms such as “long spiral” and “30 degree wiggly line”. Without it, you are on your own as many ground school instructors only use the CRP5. However, towards the bottom of page 15 it starts to get confusing.

The angle of the view Sure, he warns you when he is giving you his personal techniques, but you should always follow your primary guidance Aircraft manuals, government regulations, etc. This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.

The booklet does an excellent job explaining “temperature rise” and “recovery coefficient” on pages 14 and Still, if you would rather your materials not appear on this website, please “Contact Eddie” using the link below and your material will be removed.

The downside of the Jepp CR is that because it can do so much more, there is more to learn when you first get one – but it is worth it and some functions are the same on all circular slide rules. And which one is maual wiggly line? M Eddie’s In Box: Perhaps those questions were based on using 1: What dumbfounded me was NONE of their answers were correct.

CR-3 / CPU-26

The dotted line exists for extreme accuracy and can generally be ignored. In which case a correctly written question has to specify the method to be used when there is more than one way to solve – especially if different methods give different results.


If the “correct” answer is not correct, then what kind of arbitrary, “just happen to be the answer”are they looking for? If my understanding is correct, why is it that in Fig. Last edited by Pelikanpete; 11th Aug at Perhaps, but there are too many cases where an answer might be, say 33 degrees for 1 in 60 or 35 for trig. This may become confusing, therefore I suggest you have a copy of the booklet in question in hand prior to reading any further.

Attitude determines altitude 2. Find More Posts by Flatface.

All the wind problems were Euclidian manjal really quite simple. Having used a number of slide rules, the Jepp CR2 and CR3 are by far the best fastest, most versatile and most capable and also cheap and indestructible. Damned if I’d want jeppessn go back to a slide type – and my slide E6B is a Kane, one of the better ones that used to be on the market no good for high speed stuff though.

Gulfstream has been very good about all of this provided I add the note shown below.