: El héroe caído. La saga de Dhamon I: 21,5 cm. pag. Il riscatto di Dhamon. La saga di Dhamon. DragonLance: 3: Jean Rabe, R. Sorgo : : Books. Buy Il riscatto di Dhamon. La saga di Dhamon. DragonLance by Jean Rabe, R. Sorgo from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range .

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It’s a good smell.


Books by Jean Rabe. Dilemma rated it liked it Feb 27, I thought this book was a little drawn out. Debbie Roth rated it it was amazing Sep 10, But perhaps it is too late. There is a way to write interesting villainous leads; hell, Dragonlance has Raistlin, one of the better fantasy novel literary characters.

I’m looking forward to see how the plot twists. I read that Weiss and Hickman passed the torch re Rabe when Weiss found out she was ill and thought she was dying.

Published March 1st by Wizards of the Coast first published I like that Rig is a black Ergothian former pirate, Fiona is a woman and a Solamnic knight, Dhamon is a former Knight of Takhisis, Fetch is a kobold, Rikali is a half-elf, etc. Rikali wants gems and to get laid. As the end to another series, I enjoyed how everything wraps up. Why go with this idea to sell the I find it odd that, out of all the possible ideas for a book cover, they went with “Dhamon awkwardly grabbing his leg in agony while holding a necklace near a river”.

To view it, click here. In terms of plot, the book kind of meanders a bit because everyone has their own agenda and they all tug the story along. Cody Morgan rated it it was amazing Jul 22, All-in-all, it was an okay read for me Maybe it was because I jumped into this series with the last book I am bad about doing thatbut I was just not impressed. Not the best one. And Dhamon is an interesting character – once dark knight, then hero and the chosen one of Goldmoon and Palin Majere – and now, well, scum.


Man Solo rated it really liked it Dec 12, Alcuin Anskov rated it really liked it Oct 04, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Crystal rated it liked it Oct 09, Return to Book Page. Jean Rabe pulls it all together in this conclusion to the Dhamon saga and through the action-packed pages she weaves a tale I for one haven’t read before and brings something new and exciting to the Dragonlance fiction.

I live in a tiny town in the When I am not writing, I toss tennis balls to my cadre of dogs. Books by Jean Rabe. Jan 28, Starsreader rated it really liked it.

Shawn Walsh rated it really liked it Jan 25, It was the fantasy novel equivalent of one of those two dollar sandwiches you find in the back of a fridge that is just past its expiration date; it got the job done but it wasn’t very tasty in the end and you’ve probably eaten thousands of meals just like it.

Weiss and Hickman had to play off her changes from Dragons of a New Age, which is great, but then, Rabe was given free reign only with Dhamon and her other characters, which meant she couldn’t use Palin, Goldmoon, or any of the others who played important roles chamon her first DL trilogy.

This ogre city smeeeeeellls! Jan 28, Starsreader rated it it was ok. Aug 14, Matt rated it really liked it. Third, I really like that Rabe centers major story lines around different types of characters. Second, I like the concept of the dragon scale basically melted into the leg of the ve main character, Dhamon Grimwulf – now how to get it off?

Because, despite one of the oldest platitudes known dee man, I didn’t read this book for the longest time because I judged it by its cover. I did like one member of the band dhajon. If nothing else, Rabe’s books will give vhamon a wider glimpse of the possibilities of the Ee world and its scope.


Fiona wants to save her brother from one of the dragon overlords hiding out in the southern swamps while being really bad at her job. Rusty Schaeffer rated it it was amazing Jan 09, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Redemption (Dragonlance: Dhamon Saga, #3) by Jean Rabe

Steven Lutman rated it it was amazing Sep 21, You don’t see the dragon scale and the facial eaga is subtle, so it looks more like Dhamon pulled a muscle whilst journeying through Ye Olde Fantasy Ruines and he’s mildly annoyed. Her magic is really interesting, and she veers off to include stories about overlooked types in the DL world.

I guess I should have expected some changes, seeing the setting of the book, but all in all, it’s not the setting that bothered me: Chris Roberts rated it liked it Dec 20, This book had so many interesting backdrops, like the valley of jewels or the ogre city or ancient dwarf caves. Rabe, however, includes such interesting concepts as the dragon overlords, the new magic, a little girl who talks with the voice of a woman and can turn leaves into stirges and vines into snakes, etc. All in all, this book, like the first in Rabe’s Dragons of a New Age trilogy, starts out slowly but gets better as it moves along.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Dhamno, go easy on Rabe, who did the best she could. I really like Ragh, the I’m disappointed that this book never picked up like the others did. Mar 16, Drake rated it it was amazing. Aloysius rated it liked it Sep 07, I really like Ragh, the draconian who befriends Dhamon.