So far as the global shipping practice is concerned, laytime & demurrage is one of the most complicated topics for both ship-owners and charterers under. Develop comprehensive knowledge of the essential legal and practical aspects of tanker and dry cargo laytime and demurrage. The course focuses on the fundamental principles which underpin laytime and demurrage and how these principles can be changed quite dramatically by the.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Statement of facts, Time sheet Archived at the Wayback Machine. The demurrage charge is normally an hourly rate. Do not delay your application — you may qualify for an early enrolment discount, and some courses have a maximum number of participants.

Whether owners or charterers were responsible for the layime stowage at the loading port which led to delays at both loading and discharge port. In commercial ship charteringdemurrage is an ancillary cost that represents liquidated damages for delays. Not only did the stevedores have to minimise broken spaces, but they had to ensure an even stowage.

Share Facebook Twitter Linked In. The owners, therefore, had a valid claim for deadfreight.

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However, ultimately, the reservations of the right of the captain to supervise – a right which would have existed even if not expressly reserved – has no effect whatsoever in relieving the charterers of their responsibility. In this case a laytimee of 5, jumbo bags weighing a total of 5,mt were loaded.


The charterparty contract determines the precise meaning of “arrival”. In the leading judgement Lord Atkin said: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Find out more about Katerina and the highly qualified course authors. The reverse of demurrage is despatch. In principle, it can be considered that the similarity between vessel demurrage and container demurrage is correct since both refer to the same concept, which is the late return of equipment supplied demurgage one party to another for the purpose of carrying a cargo.

Demurrage and Laytime – Who is Responsible for Delay?

The Statement of Facts enables a time sheet to be drawn up and signed by the master and the shipper or receiver of the cargo. In the present case, the charterer ordered the vessel to remain at port until further cargo was available and as such laytime or time on demurrage continued to run until either the charterer ordered the vessel to proceed or abandoned the possibility of further loading.

Ship-owner Ship-manager Laytie Charterer. Your email Please enter name and email. Further, where required, a notice of readiness must be issued to the charterer of the vessel, notifying him or her that the vessel is ready. Look up laytime in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. In order to protect the shipowner from suffering loss, charterparties usually provide for compensation if the charterer is delayed.

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When calculating freight, shipowners take into consideration the period of the charter. In container haulage, customers are given a set period in their contract to tip unload their container delivery. However, once the vessel has “arrived” at a port the charterer then assumes responsibility for the loading and unloading of cargo, and he has a period of laytime in which to carry this out. It is imperative to ensure that, before executing the contract of carriage, both parties are clear on the laytime and, most layrime, on clauses which stipulate where a charterer is relieved of layyime obligation to pay demurrage or where the rate payable is reduced by xemurrage.


Certificate in Maritime Law and Shipping Contracts. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Certificate in Laytime & Demurrrage

This article is about the usage of the term in the transport industry. Charterers also alleged that this caused delays in both loading and discharging port where damage to jumbo bags necessitated re-bagging of cargo. This is possible where:.

Gencon, layrime 9 Archived at the Wayback Machine. In banking, demurrage is the charge per ounce made by the Bank of England in exchanging coin or notes for bullion. Justice Iguh stated that: It also amounts to a warranty by the shipowner that the vessel is able to carry the stipulated quantity.

Nigeria February 7 Because the supply of a shipping container to a merchant has a similar nature to the contract of a supply of a vessel to a voyage charter, the industry refers to this container usage beyond the time allowed as Container Demurrage.