Leica Survey Office PC software package. For TPS plus instruments an . TCR and TCRA version also use a TCx/ Leica TCRA plus Total Station Condition: used, very good and perfect working condition. Specifications: • Angle accuracy: “(mgon). Leica TCRA Plus Robotic Total Station –

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Close to the target the more dense the filter will be. Wonder how much this repair will cost May 9, 1: In this part of the country it would be read with a little levity. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Hey we got the Instrument for free from Caltrans so if it costs a few grand to get it running it is still a bargain. Now, the vertical circle will not track as the scope is plunged.

He said he reckoned he would have to do something about the instrument.

Forum contains no unread posts Forum contains unread posts Mark all read. Have you contacted APE to explain that you are still having issues??? If the instrument is not working properly The unit still is functional, hasn’t had much use the past three years due to extreme loss of boundary surveying in our area.


May 8, It just displays the same vertical reading no matter what angle the telescope is at. Leica’s policy is to keep parts for 5 years after the end of production of a instrument. Then all the tests were done and passed, took it outside and measured several fixed targets they had for test purposes.

This post was to explain to Mr Karoly exactly what he could expect if repair was opted. I ain’t ever got no where, but I got there by hard work.

Instead of waiting a couple of weeks, I opted to make the drive, I’ll do it again if the situation arises that making the drive will save me two weeks waiting. After an hour or so trying different batteries, aiming manually and so on it became obvious that nothing was going to allow me to collect data. Forums Recent Posts Login Register.

I suppose you might be able to get a reading from several hundred or more feet away, didn’t try that, so it might or might not. The economy is bad but repairs and new equipment still cost money.

Leica Tcra: Total Stations & Accessories | eBay

RPLS Today is a peer-to-peer platform providing news, information, and community-based support for Land Surveyors and Geomatics Professionals all over the world. I was told if the instrument had not been the Plus 103 with the latest tracking upgrades it would not have been possible to get parts from Leica to repair the unit. May 8, 2: The laser functioned good but of no use to me in the situation. May 8, 5: I would congradulate APE for giving service on a 16 year-old instrument.


Next morning I was there at 6 AM, they let me in the door to the repair area and they got right on the job, got it on the work rig and tried to get a measurement, same old story asking for less light or longer distance.

May 8, 6: I don’t think ours is that old. While we are on the subject of hard work, I just wanted to tell you that I am a man who likes hard work. This site uses cookies.

Yeah, I thought so too. I’m a die hard Leica fan also, don’t see how the post can be seen as a complaint.